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How are VitalloFlex shoes best cleaned?

It is best to clean your shoes with a soft brush when dry. This is the easiest way to remove dirt and dust from the surface.


Can VitalloFlex shoes be washed in the washing machine?

No. Please do not wash ours or any shoes in the washing machine.


If trapped out in the rain, how are VitalloFlex shoes best dried?

To dry, remove the Climatocork® footbed from the shoe and place your VitalloFlex shoes in a well-ventilated area. Please never let the shoes dry directly on a heater.


How are VitalloFlex shoes best maintained?

Store your VitalloFlex shoes in a temperature-controlled place with good air circulation. It is best to air your shoes for 24 hours after each use. At regular intervals, you can apply a high-quality protection spray to your VitalloFlex shoes to help protect it against the elements.


Can the Climatocork® footbed be replaced?

The Climatocork® footbed is removable and can be changed at any time. For hygienic reasons, we recommend replacing the Climatocork® footbed once a year. If you need a new pair, please contact us.


Can the Climatocork® footbed be washed in the washing machine?

No, while the Climatocork® footbed is designed to absorb moisture, it can not withstand washing in the washing machine.


What to do with expired soles?

VitalloFlex shoes can be newly soled. The outsole and the cushioning wedge (Puro RS) are removed from the shoe and a new, complete sole is applied. At the same time, the shoe is restored and refreshed. A new sole takes approx. 4 weeks and is priced at 109.00 Euro for the Puro and 149.00 Euro for the Puro RS (prices plus shipping costs).

If necessary, please contact us.


How long is the life of VitalloFlex shoes?

This depends on a large number of individual factors – how it’s worn, weight, surface, distances, etc. This makes it impossible to make a general statement. But, what we can say is that we stress great importance of excellent quality in the selection of our raw, natural materials. Together with the first-class craftsmanship, we do our best to ensure that our shoes last as long as possible.

The VitalloFlex foot measurement system

Exact fit

Feet are very individual and should be fitted with the best possible shoes. With VitalloFlex you have a great advantage in this respect: We care for your perfect shoe size and as a result we will get you the most accurate fit.


A Proven System

To exactly know the size of your feet, we will send you our Step-in-Foam when ordering a pair of VitalloFlex Puro. When you step into it, an imprint of your feet is created, which provides us with all the important information to send your VitalloFlex Puro in the right size. The only thing you need to do is send your imprint back to us.


In the 4 steps explained below, you can see how to easily create a meaningful and accurate impression of your feet.