Leather – A Unique Piece of Nature

For VitalloFlex shoes, the best is only just good enough. That’s why we exclusively use vegetable-tanned natural leather for the lining, which impresses with unsurpassed skin compatibility and excellent breathability. Their production by means of natural tannins, such as fruit or tree bark, is particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.


In the upper leather section, we selected an exclusive duet of ultra-soft, vegetable-tanned nappa leather and extremely light, tear-resistant velvet Chevreaux (goatskin). For our trademark Climatocork footbed, we again use vegetable-tanned natural leather. It’s a delight for your feet with supreme suppleness as well as the natural scent that only natural quality leather can give. All adds up to and ensures unmatched wearability and comfort.

Authenticity Defined

Before cutting out the leather parts, we carefully check for flaws to ensure the highest possible quality.

However, since leather is a natural material made with an open, untreated surface, small irregularities are unavoidable. They do not represent a defect though, rather, they are a feature of authenticity found in this unique, natural material - a subtle nuance of character.

Our ambition is to create a living product, not a clinically synthetic substitute. This is the real deal.

Ultra Soft

Leather is a fascinating material. It can be made in so many ways and variations. In our case, we have chosen an extraordinary mix of leather: natural nappa from cowhide in combination with velvet suede Chevreaux, or kidskin. The cowhide is trimmed through elaborate processes to make it as smooth and soft as possible. Chevreaux impressed us tremendously with high tensile strength and low weight. We use it for the more stressed parts of the shoe, such as the heel and toe areas. It also looks and feels amazing to the touch.


Leather is not equal to leather. Unfortunately, the vast amount of leather in the market is manufactured cheaply under inhumane conditions in distant foreign countries. The means of production used are an appalling burden on both humankind and nature. Being aware of such practices, this is not the VitalloFlex way and not the leathers we use. Our vegetable-tanned leathers are tested for harmful substances and produced under strict environmental conditions and the fairest working conditions in Germany.