Manufacturing a Masterpiece

VitalloFlex is a purebred of shoemaker tradition. Since 1948, our breed of extraordinary shoes has been made in our Hilpolstein shop in Bavaria as part of Schuhmanufaktur Hackner. In 1986, VitalloFlex was created.


For us, we want to appeal to tradition and modernity together: Classic craftsmanship with the latest achievements in shoe technology. These include our vegetable-tanned, pollution-free leather and state-of-the-art adhesive technology without solvents. This level of sustainability we attain is for the benefit of our shoemakers, customers, and our environment.


As always though, we are developing and honing our craft further and further to create an incomparable product. To us, the best is not good enough as we aim for even higher levels of perfection. The real essence of what makes our Puro models a VitalloFlex is only possible when fashioned by hand and by a team of world-class shoemakers. Only true masters of this art, who build with pure passion, are capable of such perfection and beauty.

Hand Shaped

Our glove-soft leathers must be hand-sculpted over the last to maintain their serene suppleness.

Only lasted by hand can our Puro models be accurate to the millimeter, ensuring a flawless, even finish that is consistent throughout.


High-tech bonding techniques and special, environmentally friendly, water-based adhesives permits the perfect adhesion of the outsole. This is also done entirely by hand of course to avoid unsightly adhesive oozing out and to allow the most durable of bonds.

Love of Details

Small details are often crucial. Sometimes they define us. Even a feature like the VF logo requires the highest concentration and training in the field. Three steps, made precisely by hand, are necessary to complete the logo made up of different sized perforations. Nuances define VitalloFlex.