Good design is not a matter of taste

Our credo is form follows function - shape and design must be based on the intended function and purpose. Less really is more in our fast-paced world. It’s the deliberately reduced things that give us the serenity we need.


There is not one part on the VitalloFlex Puro or Puro RS that does not play a direct role. Functionality comes first when designing our shoes. Large surfaces with fewer material transitions pair together with clear character and timeless lines.


Aesthetic and technical design goes hand in hand with our Puro models. The lining is cut out of only one piece of leather. This means there is only one seam, thus minimizing potential friction points.


The upper, featuring a combined vamp/lacing section gives a more unified design as no seams disturb the eye. Larger pieces of material also represent major challenges in the manufacturing process, therefore requiring the highest precision in the production.


Harmonious yet distinctive, a Puro impresses with its characteristic lines.

The contrast of the smooth butter soft Nappa leather to rough and tear-resistant suede Chevreaux leather creates a unique visual tension.

This simple beauty is made only possible by the purely handmade production, which the peculiarities of the natural leathers can be considered and exercised.

Perfectly Shaped

Puro is artwork - the result of the passion we pursue in our work. We stand and drive proud of the perfectly spherical sole construction found in the Puro RS.

The outsole, incorporating a cushioning element for comfort, harmoniously follows the lateral lines and character throughout.

Only state of the art adhesive technology and absolute craftsmanship make this production possible.


Our VitalloFlex Puro models inspire everywhere. Starting with the finer details, like the embossed VF logos and color matched outsoles, up to the functional overall design. There are even those that can’t be seen, but are of vital importance, such as the ‘last,’ a mold in which the shoe is built around. Their own design is a product of great attention and part of why VitalloFlex fits like a second skin.