High-tech nature

Nature is a great teacher and inspires us in numerous ways. Specially developed by us, Climatorcork is a prime example of our pioneering strength and what drives us. We chose to use cork for its known unique properties it brings such as lightness, and natural shock absorbing abilities.


This renewable, raw material also has one other amazing feature we were able to refine and bring out in our advanced manufacturing techniques: natural breathability. Our smooth, pure vegetable-tanned leather is not adhered to the cork by simple glue. As a result of not having that barrier between leather and cork, the Climatocork footbed has the ability to absorb moisture. This creates a climate of serenity for your feet.


Anatomically shaped, it will adapt to your foot shape after a brief wearing time. This is where we come up with the idea of a ‘footbed,’ as it is just that in the truest sense of the word – a vacation for the feet.

Natural Wonder

The cork grains used for our Climatocork footbed are obtained from the bark of Portuguese cork oaks (Quercus suber). Cork is a proper renewable resource, the bark of the oak growing back after each harvesting. It also impresses with its technical properties.

Cork is extremely lightweight with a low density and, with a flexible cell membrane, has a high degree of flexibility and resilience. Likewise, cork has insulating capabilities, naturally providing a comfortable climate in both cold and warm temperatures.


We only use cork of the highest caliber from Portugal. Closures of fine champagne bottles are made from the bark of these sought after cork oaks. Instead of discarding them to waste, we crush down this raw material for our own use as Climatocork footbed. This fulfills our emphasis on sustainability to make sure no treasured good is wasted. In our house, the raw cork is refined further to give the outstanding qualities we strive for. The outcome of this complex process is a footbed that is in a league of its own for the holistic quality and wearing properties.

True Love

At the end of the manufacturing process, there is a ‘wedding’ as the VitalloFlex Puro meets its heart: the Climatocork footbed. Then, each VitalloFlex is complete. The design supports the foot where needed, but at the same time it gives the wearer the chance to move freely and naturally due to the high flexibility of the cork.

 After a short time of wearing, it will adapt to each foot individually, creating a more personal footbed. This is liberation.

Each VitalloFlex is constructed so that the footbed is removable and can be changed and replaced when needed.