“There is nothing more sustainable than something timeless.”

Not all shoes are created equally. VitalloFlex stands for holistic sustainability in shoemaking, to create instruments that will stand the test of time. Beautiful, progessively classic designs are paired with true innovation, the finest materials, and crafted to perfection in Germany.


With VitalloFlex, we strive to create something truly authentic in a fast-moving, digital world. A VitalloFlex is a desire, an object of holistic value. No expense is spared when it comes to materials and production. The perfect workmanship is the result of those who have a pure passion in the art of shoemaking. VitalloFlex are handmade in Germany in an environment where all love their profession.


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We want to create shoes that will be remembered, not just for their artisanal merits and beauty, but also for their purpose. A reduction to the essentials is a true luxury. Our mission is to create designs that are ageless and inspire for years by their simplicity without losing any sense of fascination. This is meaningful design in its purest form – integrity and functional details without compromise.


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The inner values are crucial to VitalloFlex. Details that are noticed only at second glance will not want to be missed again - extravagance through subtlety. Only the finest vegetable-tanned nappa leather embraces the foot. The heart of our shoes is our exclusive Climatocork technology, a supreme and lavish ‘footbed’ fashioned from pure natural cork. Together, they make for a unique wearing experience with total comfort. 

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